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Charge of the Beast


Available June 26, 2020!

She grew up an orphan. He’s a war-torn hero.


And a pandemic is about to shake the world.

When Eliana Gibbons is thrust into the face of danger, she fears the same demise as her parents—a famous American journalist and an Israeli civilian murdered by Islamic extremists. A visitor drops in and delivers a shocking revelation. The last decade of Eliana’s life stemmed from a lie. The global crisis has stopped everyone in their tracks, except Eliana. She demands closure. Now. But she must cross oceans to face the past.


Brian Draeger is a combat veteran plagued with survivor’s guilt. Flashbacks torture him until he finds a new mission pursuing threats on the home front. But PTSD stands in the way of redemption. Brian must confront inner demons as he races to protect those he loves—and to thwart a terrorist attack.


Told from multiple points of view, "Charge of the Beast" is full of twists, white-knuckle thrills, and stories based on true events.

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