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News to Rock Your World!

Ready for some excitement regarding my 2nd title?

First, some background: One of the characters in my novel is a retired combat Marine who was wounded in action in Afghanistan. Brian Draeger is plagued with PTSD, and the only way he can tune out the sounds of war is to plug in ear buds and listen to loud music. In one scene, Brian contemplates the lyrics of a song by a world-renowned rock band.

Now for the revelation. To use song lyrics in a printed publication, permission must be obtained by the songwriters and the entity that owns the copyright of the composition. Completely expecting a rejection, I contacted the law firm that represents this band to ask for such permission. I figured, hey what the heck. I at least have to try. Guess what? After reviewing the required content, they approved my request! This is huge! At this point, I cannot name the band or the song in writing.

There is another significant development, too long to explain here. Just know I'm motivated to get this done! Projected release date is late Summer / early Fall!

Who knows the title of my 2nd novel?

Who comes to mind when you think of a highly-respected, world-famous heavy metal band that started in the 80's?

Thank you so much for sharing this excitement with me!

Rosalie King

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