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Independent author releases novel aligned to current world events, weaves COVID-19 into plot.

Charge of the Beast brings awareness to PTSD and pays tribute to the armed forces.



June 26th, 2020 – Houston, Texas USA


Independent author Rosalie King recently released her second thriller novel, Charge of the Beast, with the intention to raise awareness for topics often bypassed in headlines. When Ms. King began the novel in 2005, it started out with an idea spawned by 9/11, terrorist bombings, and the execution death of reporter Daniel Pearl. Fifteen years later, Charge of the Beast includes the most recent historical event to impact the world–COVID-19.


“It is critical for the public to remain aware not only of current events,” states Rosalie, “but we all need to remember the past as well. History has a tendency to repeat itself sometimes sooner than expected.” In Charge of the Beast, Ms. King gives readers an in-depth look at the mindset of terrorists. “My objective is to honor our servicemen and women who have fought and died for the freedom of this nation. You are going to read about a hero who, while fictitious, could not be more authentic.” Rosalie spent countless hours of research in various forms including documentaries, online interviews, and watching helmet cam combat videos. High-ranking military officials assisted Ms. King to ensure that the military veteran in her novel is an accurate portrayal.


One of Rosalie’s most exciting announcements pertains to the world-famous rock band Metallica. She received permission to use lyrics from one of their songs in the novel. “I completely expected to receive a rejection,” Rosalie said. “Instead, I got an email from their attorney giving me approval!”


Rosalie King is the author of two highly-rated thrillers sold worldwide. Albeit a proud native Texan, Rosalie's time abroad and knowledge of three foreign languages give her a unique twist. Through her travel experiences in European countries, she gained an appreciation for diverse nationalities, cultures, and languages. The combination of these elements, as well as Rosalie’s imagination, have led to a creation of stories rich in content and emotional satisfaction.


Charge of the Beast has a five-star rating and can be purchased through Rosalie’s website,

For review copies, please email

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