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Romance or Action - Which do you prefer?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What a great day to tell you about the genre I write: Romantic Suspense. This genre has equal parts of a love story and of a suspenseful plot line that includes a sense of danger with one or more villains. Each plot drives the other forward and eventually mesh to form a seamless story.

In my novels, I take Romantic Suspense a step further by throwing in some Thriller scenes here and there. Why? These events line up with true stories. In Deadly Transformation, for example, the most profound thriller scene is based on a true story shared to me by my friend, Sam. She allowed me to interview her, video and all, as she told me about an incident she and her family survived. This one scene mirrors her story very closely. That’s all I’ll say about it for those of you who haven’t read the book.

There are other events in Deadly Transformation that reflect common occurrences, although not based on someone or something personal to me. Do you have any questions about my genre or a certain aspect of my novel? Feel free to post in the comments section if you desire.

Thanks again to all who have read my book. Your reviews on Amazon are priceless since so many browsers are looking for the highest rated books. If you haven’t left one yet, please do so even if it’s just a star rating. Please, though, make it unbiased.

Rosalie King

Risking Love in Perilous Lands

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