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A Great Big Thanks!

Thanks are in order! In 3 months I have sold almost 150 copies of my debut novel, Deadly Transformation. This is a great number for a debut Indie Author. Between that, as well as the 473 who downloaded my book last week during the giveaway, as well as personal gifts, it is now in the hands of over 600 people!

Many thanks to my fellow 'Katyites' who supported their newest local author by purchasing Deadly Transformation at the Katy Sip-n-Stroll on Saturday. I must also express my gratitude to Food and Vine Time Productions for making that event possible for me.

Yesterday I received my 20th review on Amazon! I now have a 4.9 Star rating with many uplifting comments. I appreciate the time you took to click the star and comment - even the ones consisting of only one word. "FANTASTIC" is a great review in my eyes. If you'd like to see them or leave a review of your own, click here.

A huge thanks to the book stores and companies who have supported me as a local author who is trying to get her feet on the ground: Becker's Books, The Book Scene, Half Price Books, The Cellar Door, Food and Vine Time Productions, The Tasting Room City Centre, No Label Brewery, The Cheese Bar, World of Beer, River Oaks Living Magazine, Montrose Realty.

Most importantly, thanks to ALL who have purchased my book! Every single one is a great encouragement. Each kind word over the past 3+ months helps motivate me to keep moving forward!

With gratitude,


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