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Ice Cream & Champagne

Tonight at 7:30...along with a reading from Deadly Transformation!

This blog post is just for a little fun fact. A couple months ago my family and I had just finished dinner at the La Centerra shopping complex in Katy. We wanted some ice cream, so we looked at the directory and found a new place called Frios Gourmet Pops. We decided to try it out - thankfully since it was so good - and the manager on duty, Brittany, asked if I'd like to do a reading there some time. Of course, I said "Absolutely!"

Last week Brittany asked me if I could come in for the reading on a Tuesday, as that's their slowest day and they're trying to boost business. So, there you have it. A little networking, and two local small businesses are supporting each other.

If you get this in time, and you're in the Katy area, feel free to come join us tonight. If you can't, look up Frios and give them a visit. With many wonderful flavors, including healthy choices, it's a great place for anyone who loves sweets!

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