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A Breather

Rosalie at Signing

This time last year, judges made their final decisions for a prestigious contest I had entered for unpublished writers. Three weeks later, I received the news that I made the top 7, which qualified me for the semi-finals! It was quite a surprise, as I didn’t feel my writing was good enough to advance.

While I didn’t win the contest, I did win the difficult feat of publication. Here I sit, a year later, a bit spent after completing 14 signings in 3 months for my debut novel. Before I published Deadly Transformation, uncertainty plagued me regarding the route I wanted to take. Let me just say, if I had waited to go with a traditional publishing house, the public eye would not see Deadly Transformation until 2019! Indie Publishing resources have been a blessing not only to me. Many writers either don’t fit in with the traditional publishing world, or they just can’t seem to get a foot in the door. Both of these applied to me, and I’m grateful to have discovered it.