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A Breather

Rosalie at Signing

This time last year, judges made their final decisions for a prestigious contest I had entered for unpublished writers. Three weeks later, I received the news that I made the top 7, which qualified me for the semi-finals! It was quite a surprise, as I didn’t feel my writing was good enough to advance.

While I didn’t win the contest, I did win the difficult feat of publication. Here I sit, a year later, a bit spent after completing 14 signings in 3 months for my debut novel. Before I published Deadly Transformation, uncertainty plagued me regarding the route I wanted to take. Let me just say, if I had waited to go with a traditional publishing house, the public eye would not see Deadly Transformation until 2019! Indie Publishing resources have been a blessing not only to me. Many writers either don’t fit in with the traditional publishing world, or they just can’t seem to get a foot in the door. Both of these applied to me, and I’m grateful to have discovered it.

Now I get a 4 week break. The biggest take-away from the tour throughout the Greater Houston area is meeting children who hope to be published some day. I had the opportunity to encourage children, from elementary through high school ages, to press on in their dream. My advice to them, keep reading and keep writing.

Many thanks to those of you who signed up for my blog and purchased Deadly Transformation at my signings. You played a significant role in the reality of my own dream-come-true!

Rosalie King

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