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Indie Publishing

Book Signing at The Tasting Room City Centre


Many unpublished writers strive for years to have their work put in book format by a traditional publishing house. It is a long process and nearly impossible to achieve. Some decide to keep striving toward the goal, some give up but keep writing, and some find it pointless altogether to continue when they believe they’re writing for nothing. The truth is, there are so many great writers with great stories, but publishing houses can release only a few.

This is where independent publishing comes in. Just like traditional publishing, the indie route has advantages & disadvantages. While I had a few leads with traditional houses last year, it became clear that my ultimate choice was to do it all on my own. Guess what? I love it! All decisions are based on what I want and feel best for my work. I can make changes any time – and I have a few times since its release in December due to editorial mistakes. Some of you have copies of the early prints, and I’m grateful to have you as part of my early Indie learning experiences!

If you know anyone who writes and wants to be published, give them some encouragement. There are other paths to publication beyond big houses. There is also much more to the business side - I do my own editing (for now, until I can afford to hire an editor), marketing, public relations, signing coordination, etc. Sure, I’m not going to be a big name author, but that’s not important. Just having my work available to those who love to read and spreading my message is what it’s all about.

Can I ask a favor from all of you? First, if you have read Deadly Transformation, would you leave a short review on Amazon? I depend heavily on these to move my name up on the list when people are searching for new books! If you’re on Facebook, would you share my page? Or, would you simply spread the word to anyone you know who loves to read? Since I’m doing it on my own, I need all the help I can get!

Many thanks to you all for your support. Please leave a comment if you have any thoughts on Indie Publishing!

Next book signing is this Friday, the 14th, at World of Beer in Katy. Click here for details.

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Above photo taken at Wine with Rosalie book signing at The Tasting Room City Centre.

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