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Escape to a New World

Do you agree that quarantine, for the most part, is not particularly enjoyable? Do you find any happiness in the confinement? Many families now enjoy quality time that was previously limited. Overdue projects are being completed. Our homes are perhaps cleaner than ever!

For those who live alone, it may be a melancholy time. For energetic folks who thrive on being out and about, seclusion is their worst nightmare. For anyone who has lost their job, who suffers from COVID-19, who is at risk, or who has been affected in a devastating way, it’s going to require some effort to find comfort.

Crisis can crush morale, but it can also motivate us to experience new passions and revive our convictions. There is no better time than now to write a book, especially if it is something you have always wanted to do! The creation of a story is a great way to escape confinement, get out of the house, travel to new places, meet new people, and even experience love if you desire to write about it.

So, I encourage you to limit screen time – unless you’re at a computer writing – and escape to a new world. Don’t overthink it. Begin by detailing your feelings, imagine someone who might have the same desires, and think of another person who is going through a completely different experience. Put it all together in story format, and you have begun your first novel!

The COVID-19 pandemic is unsettling, no doubt. Quarantine can be a time of great accomplishment, even tranquility, if you will allow yourself to overpower the hardship. If you’ve never seen The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum, I recommend watching it for inspiration. If you have already seen it, consider watching again. Pay close attention to the song “A Million Dreams” (please don’t think of the radio version). The boy nails it when he says, “we can live in a world that we design.”

In troubling times, while we must focus on reality, we can also find joy in new ways. What will you do in the days to come? Write a book, paint, sing, play music? The possibilities are endless. I hope you will challenge yourself and achieve something exceptional!

"A Million Dreams" clip on YouTube

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