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On Your Mark, Get Set….

Charge of the Beast

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In light of the pandemic, book signings and other in-person events will not be held until further notice. With that being said, I will make both novels available for sale directly from my webpage!

They will be signed and personalized according to your order.

Be on the lookout for an announcement regarding my live,

virtual Book Launch Party in July!

From the Introduction Page:

In September 2001, world leaders announced a Global War on Terror against al Qaeda and all terrorist organizations. Four years later, I sat in my living room, shocked by yet another attack. Our servicemen and women were dying by the numbers in the Middle East, nearly 600 Israeli citizens had been killed in suicide bombings in the previous five years, and reporter Daniel Pearl’s execution in Pakistan still lay heavy on my mind.

I felt compelled to put my thoughts on paper and decided to write a novel. In my twenties, with little life experience, I did not get far. It would take five years of writer’s block before completing the first full draft of Charge of the Beast in 2010. Ten years later, after much personal growth, improvements on the craft of writing, and global events to weave into the story—including the most recent historical crisis—Charge of the Beast is ready at last!

I hope you love the characters, their unique stories, how they come together, and the ways in which they grow.


Rosalie King

Many thanks to all who purchase Deadly Transformation! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated!

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