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Big News!!

Wow, how are we already in the 3rd month of 2021?!? This time a year ago, the world was turned upside down by a terrible virus that will go down in history.

How did the pandemic affect your life, for the better or worse? I know one thing. It made me appreciate some very simple things that I used to take for granted before lockdown. Now for some excitement...

A correspondent from CBN News in Jerusalem requested a copy of Charge of the Beast, and it is safely in her hands as of last week! I won't mention names yet, but I can tell you she has a weekly segment on Dateline Jerusalem.

Why is she interested? Well, some of you already know that Charge of the Beast takes place in 2019-2020 in the United States and that there is a subplot embedded in the main story. That portion of the narrative, which makes up a third of the novel, takes place in Israel twenty years ago and focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

The news correspondent at CBN has been covering Israel's wars for decades, so I believe that is what she found intriguing. What does this mean for me? I'm not sure. It could be a big break that will take me to the next level in my career. Or, it could just be that my novel gets passed around to her network if she likes it.

Either way, I'm thrilled!

If you read Charge of the Beast, I would greatly appreciate your rating on Amazon.

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Rosalie King

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